Why Can't I Meditate, Cover

"This book is easy to read and accessible. The format of its clear chapters addressing particular points and its many accounts from personal practice makes it very digestible. It is delivered with a lightness of touch and some humour. It helps to normalise and universalise the processes that seem so personal and which give rise to so much internal judging."

Rebecca Crane,
Director, Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice,
Bangor University

Why Can’t I Meditate?

A new book by Nigel Wellings

Why Can’t I Meditate?, How to get your mindfulness practice on track is a book for those of us who are thinking about practising mindfulness, who want to practice but are finding it hard to start and continue, or have started but have stopped again. Full of accounts by new meditators of their struggles and successes, and insights from a wide variety of the most accomplished teachers representing every school of mindfulness teaching, it offers many practical ways to get our mindfulness unstuck and firmly establish a regular practice. This is a book for anyone who has sat on their meditation seat or cushion and wondered whether they should go on.

Contributors include Stephen Batchelor, Rebecca Crane, Christina Feldman, Geshe Tashi Tsering, Willem Kuyken, Tsoknyi Rinpoche, and Franklin Sills.

Published by Piatkus, February 2015

American edition to be published by TarcherPerigee, April 2016


"People learning mindfulness often ask, "I know mindfulness practice is helpful, how can I best establish my meditation practice?" Now I can recommend this wonderful book. Nigel Wellings offers insightful, compassionate and eminently practical guidance based on his extensive personal experience as a teacher and practitioner and interviews with some of the most accomplished mindfulness teachers in the field."

Willem Kuyken,
Professor of Clinical Psychology, University of Exeter

"I am very happy to finally see someone writing about why people can’t meditate. I’ve known Nigel for many years; he’s a sincere practitioner who has been thinking about how to untangle the blockages in the human mind for some time now. We had a lot of discussion together about the ideas presented here and I think his book will be very useful. It’s helpful to know the underlying causes of meditation problems - this book shows how to work with them."

Tsoknyi Rinpoche,
Author, Open Heart, Open Mind